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Hi, I am Julia, a 29 year old Personal Fitness and Health coach from Germany. While studying
health and therapeutic movement at UNI I focused on Rehabilitation Training in orthopedics as well
as internal and organ specific areas and especially enjoyed a class in one of the Top Pulmonary
Clinics in Davos, Switzerland where I completed my Training in pulmonary Rehabilitation
Training. For a short time I worked at a Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic in Baden –
Wuerttemberg training patients with orthopedic dysfunctions and post surgery and grew very fond
of working with small groups. I then moved on to working for a womens Fitness and Health Club in
Frankfurt and also became a Personal and Bootcamp Trainer. The hardcore sessions in the pouring
rain or soft exercises with mums and their newborns, my lovely best age group of elderly Women
and Men or troubled Kids in obstacle classes… As different as all of this was, there is no way in
saying which I enjoyed most. In 2013 when I had my daughter, I learned what it meant to have that
little bundle keep you from going to the gym, eating well and let's not forget sleeping… I shifted my
focus on those women and using their kids as weights or a trainings partner. In 2016 my son was
born and. I love spending time outside with my children, going on walks, runs or hikes with the dog
and just being outdoors in this beautiful nature.
An absolut must for my workouts are squats. As much as I dislike push ups I am a big squat fan 🙂