· Calisthenics
· Weights training
· Sports performance conditioning
· Science-based approach

· Bachelor of Science – Double major in Exercise & Sport Science and Human Nutrition
· 4 years working as a Personal Trainer
· International medalist in Long Jump and Triple Jump
· Certificate in First Aid

I have always been a very active person; often involved in several different sports codes at once. I
started gymnastics at age four and stayed competitive until age 13. I was drawn to athletics and began
competing in this when I was 11. I constantly pushed myself to be better and this attitude helped me to
achieve my national titles and international medals in both long jump and triple jump.

Before beginning my career as a Personal Trainer I went to university to study science with a special
focus on human performance and nutrition. I wanted to better understand our physiology and
biomechanics to gain an edge in high performance sport. I now apply that knowledge to my work with
clients every day with fantastic results. My training will always be based on proven scientific principles.

I enjoy learning and teaching movements to do with plyometrics, gymnastics, weight lifting and
calisthenics. I can adapt my training to any ability level – brand new, recovering from injury, or high
performance sportspeople. I also place a huge focus on technique to ensure my clients are always safe
and using correct form, no matter what type of training they are involved in.

If you’re interested in taking your current training to the next level or looking at starting a new wellness
journey then let’s talk!

John Kendall.
0210 275 3843