I believe that everyone has the potential to move freely and pain-free and to enjoy doing things
they love until very old age. I am passionate about helping my clients to become the fittest,
strongest and healthiest versions of themselves.
I hold a TACFIT Field Instructor certification which I gained in the USA in 2017. TACFIT is a unique
fitness system that develops functional strength, stamina, endurance, agility and will restore joint
functionality and mobility while avoiding overtraining, over exertion and injury so clients can
experience optimal recovery and growth.
Train smarter, not harder!
I can also help you with:
• Functional training with clubbells, kettlebells & bodyweight
• Mobility, pre-rehabilitation, rehabilitation, posture correction
• Increasing energy, vitality and well-being through movement & exercise
• Toning & weight loss
• Strength and conditioning & sport specific conditioning
I coach individual clients and small groups (up to 8 people). I will also be running short courses on
mastering the kettlebells, clubbells and functional mobility.

021 424 114