As you probably already know from the ‘About Me’ section, you guessed who I am.
But to be a bit more precise I will explain:

After more than 10 years of being a professional Personal Trainer back in Italy, I then went to London, UK. There I got my Personal Trainer Level 3 Certificate.
I then started working In London at L.A. Fitness and later in Virgin Active.
My specialties are all focused on a safe, but effective way of getting you in shape.
You’ve seen me here on stage, but on the other side I’m also a mum, and so I dealt and I know how to help you with the right training during and after your pregnancy.
From a sedentary person to a young mum that wants her shape back, give me just a few months of commitment and I’m prepared to see your satisfied face!
I also focus on diet plans, because not many know that eating the right way, at the right time, is more than half the job.
Thanks and see you soon here!!